NPR Serendipity Project 

If I’m going to spend this much time in a place, I want to have good, creative fun doing it, because I want work to be fun in a good, challenging way
— Robert Goldstein

NPR's digital media team has an annual tradition called " Serendipity Days", the goal of the Serendipity Days which is to tap the creative ideas of the overall team and creative a vehicle for getting small, cool projects or research explored. The animation I made is to inform people of the NPR audio archives that need to be preserved and understood in a certain way. This is one of the major responsibilities from RAD - Research Archives & Data strategy team at NPR to improve the condition of audio archives. RAD dedicates their talents and hard work to ensure the historical reel-to-reel audio format is converted to a digital format, embracing new technology. You can find more details from this animation above.