Hidden Treasures in DC by wanyu zhang

"Beautiful hidden gems can be found tucked away throughout the Washington, DC area. From Museums and historical landmarks, to unique restaurants and entertaining activities. We’ve gone on a hunt to find those treasures that you’ve probably walked by on multiple occasions and don’t want to miss out on again. On our first episode we went on a hunt to discover two uniquely hidden museums that are each in their own ways a juxtaposition of modern meets history.”

Daycare in DC by wanyu zhang

As we know, the new FMLA new policy was approved in Washington, D.C. Paid family leave (PFL), allows everyone working in DC for a profit or non-profit organizations is eligible to use this benefit, especially for new moms who just given birth. Companies need to provide up to 8 weeks of paid leave. However, there are many young professional parents or single parents who have to send their infant baby to daycare centers, I wondered what their reaction was to this new policy and any related concerns with the cost.  

Street Sense - DC Homeless Street Paper by wanyu zhang

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Do you know what street paper is? Have you ever purchased a street paper from a badged vendor in Washington, D.C? In case you’re not familiar with that, there are 110 street papers in 35 countries with over 23.3 million circulations per year, and street papers have supported more than 300,000 vendors over the last 28 years. This week is international #VendorWeek with street papers around the world. Let’s celebrate with D.C.’s iconic Street Sense papers and understand why they are so special to the homeless people and how they work.